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Chevalier College recognises the importance of languages and offers students the opportunity to study Japanese.

Chevalier College provides a very high quality education in languages enabling students to respond positively to the opportunities and challenges of their rapidly changing world.  The college also recognises that the study of languages provides opportunities for students to become more accepting of diversity in their communities, more respectful of others and more aware of their place in the international community.

The ability to communicate in Japanese enriches the opportunities for our students continued learning and for future employment, both domestically and internationally, in areas such as commerce, tourism, hospitality, politics and international relations.

Students in Year 8 have the opportunity to study Japanese, and may then choose to pursue their studies as an elective subject in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12.

There are opportunities for students undertaking a course in a language to enrich their experiences through a range of international programs.  Students of Japanese have an opportunity to travel to Japan as part of our long-standing reciprocal relationship with Murasakino High School, our sister school in Kyoto.

Our Languages department teaching staff are experienced and dedicated users of a variety of teaching tools.

Bruce Woods
Leader of Learning – Languages
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