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History (HSIE)

In 2020, the History and Social Sciences faculties combined to form the faculty of HSIE (Human Society and its Environment).

…Please revisit this page for updated information before the commencement of Term 1, 2020…

The following information relates to the History faculty, prior to the 2020 change.

History is a dynamic, well-resourced department that provides semesterised History for the compulsory Stages 4 and 5, and offers both Ancient and Modern History in Stage 6.  For the more talented History student, Extension History is also offered in the HSC year.

The College syllabus is currently structured so that Year 7 students study Ancient History to the Middle Ages, while the Year 8 cohort investigates the Renaissance and the impact of explorers and colonisers on new territories like Australia. Year 9 continues the focus on Australian events, taking students from Federation to World War II, and the Year 10 course ensures that pupils know their own country’s history to the present. We are currently rotating the Year 10 classes so that they enjoy the expertise of four different teachers per semester.

Currently, the senior Modern History courses are structured around the two world wars, and Russian and Indochinese history, while the Ancient History courses have a strong focus on Rome, Greece and Egypt.

Excursions are recognised as highly valuable learning experiences, with students investigating an Aboriginal site in Stage 4 and engaging in a wide variety of primary sources at the War Memorial in Stage 5.  Extended overseas excursions are offered and, with sufficient numbers, exciting field trips to, e.g. Vietnam and Italy may take place.

The History Faculty at Chevalier College is a vibrant, energetic department that offers an enriching academic experience for all students, especially those who elect to pursue it for the HSC.

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