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The members of the English Department at Chevalier College believe that when students become proficient users of English, they in turn become confident and empowered.

The study of English enables students to acquire numerous skills that will facilitate their personal development and provide them with a solid basis for future work, study and social interaction with others. Through an active involvement in the English curriculum, students are given the opportunity and language that enables them to explore, analyse and critically evaluate a wide range of media, ideologies and philosophies.

We feel that all students should be afforded the opportunity to become confident in their ability to formulate and articulate their feelings, beliefs and ideas. English classes provide a platform for all students to be heard and, as a result, validated. The study of English leads to the development of creative thinking and awakens the imagination. Thus, it can open new worlds for students and lead to the development of original and innovative works.

Our passion for literature, coupled with our love of learning, is reflected in our teaching strategies. In our classes, we aim to create an environment where students are intellectually challenged and supported in their studies. We feel that it is essential that students receive regular and detailed feedback regarding their progress and positive reinforcement, as our experience has shown that once students gain confidence in their ability to communicate their ideas, insights and thoughts about the texts they encounter, they begin to develop a strong enjoyment of the subject. The classroom environment we create and work in is one where students feel motivated, valued and listened to.

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