Key Learning Areas

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Key Learning Areas

All our courses are grouped with other courses that share a domain or learning approach.  In NSW, these are called Key Learning Areas. Each KLA is the responsibility of a department of teachers, managed by a Leader of Learning.  At Chevalier College, there are eleven departments (also called faculties) with some teachers teaching across two or even three faculties.

Chevalier College faculties

Diverse Learning
History (HSIE from 2020)
Performing Arts
Personal Development, Health and PE (PDHPE) / Wilderness
Religious Education (RE)
Social Science (HSIE from 2020)
Vocational Education and Training (VET)
Visual Arts

Each faculty has its own page on our website. Information about learning and assessment in all courses can be found in the Student Assessment Handbooks for Years 7 to 12.  These handbooks are published under Publications / Academic.

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Detailed support for our students is provided through our Learning Management System, Canvas  (login required)

BYOD Program

All students enrolled at Chevalier College participate in the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ Program.
Click BYOD Program to access extensive support documentation on the Chevalier BYOD website.

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