MSC Vision of Education

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MSC Vision of Education

MSC schools exist to proclaim and witness to the love of God. They aim to make gospel values real in the lives of young people, their families and the staff who serve them.

With care, compassion and understanding as their hallmark qualities, MSC schools strive to build a community of faith among staff, parents and students. Great value is placed on commitment, trust and acceptance of others in fostering the growth of community. In the spirit of a loving and supportive family, members help one another grow in knowledge, faith and service.

While aiming for excellence in the search for truth, MSC schools recognise the importance of balanced human development and strive to help young people to achieve their full potential in all areas of life, and to be ready to show initiative in parish, religious and civic life. They are attentive to the aspirations and needs of individuals, especially of those who are disadvantaged or isolated: mentally, physically, financially, emotionally or geographically.

Staff relate to students with compassion and availability, creating a sense of family which permeates their attitude as professional teachers and caring adults. Staff also relate to each other with the same sense of understanding and care, ministering to each other in an atmosphere of friendship and collegiality.

Staff strive to improve their professional appreciation of their work by sharing in prayer and staff development exercises, and participate regularly in programs which enable them to collaborate with greater understanding in the MSC style of education at their school.

Founded on love and built on love, MSC schools offer a vision of hope for humankind, one to which all their members can contribute as they grow strong in faith.

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