Diverse Learning

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Diverse Learning

Chevalier College acknowledges that each individual child is a gift of God, blessed with special gifts and talents which need to be enhanced by both parents and educators.

Educational principles at Chevalier College ensure that all students are to receive an education appropriate to their individual capabilities, interests and needs, and that students have learning opportunities that help develop their abilities to the highest level.

Chevalier College recognises that there are students with disabilities of one kind or another who have special needs that must be met to enable them to satisfy their learning needs, to enable them to develop their abilities and ensure their personal development.

The College has adopted a Diverse Learning program with the following objectives:

  •  To develop cooperative planning and to maintain communication with parents to ensure that young people’s individual needs are met.
  •  To provide support in the transition from Primary to Secondary school and from school to work.
  • To establish collaboration between staff, students, parents and agencies to ensure responsible planning and implementation of appropriate programs to meet the individual special needs of our students.
  • To develop and implement individual student programs as required, including student achievement goals, timelines and methods of evaluation.
  • To provide in-class support to such students in the mainstream core subjects and in practical lessons.
  • To provide appropriate assistance in assessments.
  • To provide opportunities to develop life skills and to develop social skills.

HSC Examinations

Please find links to NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority) with information regarding Disability Provisions for the HSC examinations.

Please read the information carefully and contact the college on 02 4861 1488 to discuss the matter further with Chris Bounds (Assistant Principal – Learning & Teaching) if you believe your child would be eligible to access these exam provisions.




Fiona McEvoy
Leader of Learning
Diverse Learning
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