Great news from Canberra Show

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Great news from Canberra Show

We were very pleased to receive some great feedback for our Show Team who attended the Canberra Show over the weekend.

I am the Agriculture teacher at Queanbeyan High School and I thought I would touch base with you after spending time with your students and Hayley [Mahoney] at the Canberra Show.

To say your students’ behaviour was great is an understatement. Over the four days of the show your students conducted themselves with maturity and respect that any school or parent should be proud of.

They were polite and friendly and inclusive towards all of my students, committee members and members of the public. I have a very young show team and your students offered advice and support to many nervous competitors.

These kind gestures had a huge impact on my students and are exactly why Ag teachers put in the hours of work to run showing programs.

Your show team students are a credit to your school and a direct reflection of the effort and supportive environment that Hayley has created. 

Please pass on my congratulations and praise to your students and Hayley for an exceptionally successful show.

I very much look forward to seeing them all again at the next show.

Mitch Andrew
Agriculture/Science Teacher
Queanbeyan High School

By all accounts the days were also quite challenging with lots of rain and discomfort to contend with, so all the more reason to be very proud of our Show Team students, and thankful to Hayley Mahoney and the ag staff who make these events happen.

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