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Welcome to Chevalier College...    Enrolments for Year 7, 2015 closed on Friday 11 April 2014...  Wishing all a blessed Easter and happy, safe holidays....  Term 2 starts on Wednesday 30 April 2014.



In 1981, MSC authorities agreed with the move for a return to one campus, and Fr Prentice began to provide the facilities that would be needed at Riversdale.  He sought approval to enlarge the school chapel on the ground floor of Kerrins Wing. The alternative suggestion was to build a new, free standing chapel.  Bishop Murray consecrated the new chapel on 31st May 1985, in the presence of a large group of present and past staff and student families. ... Changes were made to McGrath Hall to improve facilities for physical education, the home science room was renovated, the boarding houses were refurbished, work was done on the gatehouse, roads and fences and parking facilities were all improved. Chevalier needed a vigorous building plan, to allow for the return of all students to Riversdale, but also because of the growth in student numbers.  In 1984, 947 students filled the Riversdale campus.  The number of non-Catholic students passed 40%.  With an enlarged student population it was possible to offer more courses.  A departmental inspection in 1984 warmly praised the school’s academic programme.
(Extracts from This Many Faceted Gem Fr John Franzmann MSC)

1980 McGrath Hall under construction1980 Netball 1sts1981 Brett with Mrs M !
Some Highlights
1980, McGrath Hall opened in September
1980, Hy Vong community,for Vietnamese refugee boys, established

1981, Peter Hartcher was national winner of the Plain English Speaking competition and won a trip to England, where he won the international final.

1983, new manual arts and art blocks opened; two extra classrooms added to McMahon Centre; library extended

1984, Elm Court junior school transferred to Riversdale – Chevalier one campus

1985, the new Centenary Chapel consecrated (now known as the Prentice Chapel)
1985, Boarding reorganised into four houses, Kerrins, Shields, Bosco and Carroll

1987, Fr Bolt established a new Chevalier College Board
1987, the first school counsellor appointed
1987, the Peer Support programme began

1988, the Music Centre was built

1989, Father Terry Herbert appointed the first official College chaplain