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Counselling Chronicle (7)

Issue Seven…

Free Parenting Advice and Coaching with ReachOut

In 2017, ReachOut partnered with the Benevolent Society and commenced a new service targeted at parents and carers of adolescents.

Parents and carers may now access up to four free and confidential parent coaching appointments which are online – and telephone-based. Advice and strategies provided to parents in these appointments focus on improving the parent’s relationship with their child, but may also discuss strategies and solutions to behavioural problems and parent concerns about the wellbeing of their child.

To access this service parents register online, completing some brief questionnaires to identify the concerns the caregiver has regarding their adolescent. All information collected is confidential. Parents may select their preferred appointment times online. Parents need to have access to a computer with internet and a telephone for each appointment. At their appointment time, parents will be contacted via phone by a qualified mental health or counselling professional.

During this session, which lasts approximately 1.5 hours, the health professional will guide the parent through a series of videos and questions to evaluate the parent’s concern, identify goals, and brainstorm and plan some solutions for the problem at hand. At the end of the phone call, parents and the health professional will decide whether another appointment needs to be scheduled.

Parents may access up to three further appointments in total, which are generally one hour in duration.

To learn more or to access this service, visit https://parents.au.reachout.com/coaching-eligibility


Felicity Webster
Chevalier College Counsellor

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