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The “Chev family” is a term often heard around the College and within its community. It probably harks back in spirit to the origins of the College as a small boarding school for boys in the late 1940s, when a genuine sense of brotherhood and family first developed.

Today the Chev family is an extensive community network comprising not just our current students and parents, but over 10,000 past students, as well the thousands of past parents and others in the Southern Highlands community who have supported the growth of Chevalier College during its almost seven decade history.

Past students have a dedicated website that enables easier communication with class year groups and to help organise regular reunions. The focus of the year for reunions is now the annual Back to Chev weekend in early November. A range of activities over the weekend allows class groups to both gather socially on an informal basis themselves, as well as come together with the rest of the Chev family at the gala dinner on Saturday evening.

Chevalier past students also benefit from the professional networking group ChevCONNECT on, especially as a tool for making contact with Chev alumni in similar professions. ParentCONNECT is another program for parents (and grandparents) who want to contribute their time as volunteers for events like the Fete or Trivia Night or other College activities.

In recent years, with the establishment of the Chevalier College Foundation and the Community Liaison & Development Office, the College has also introduced formal fundraising programs to help diversify and augment its sources of financial income. The College and its Foundation warmly welcome donations and commitments of financial support.

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