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Community Fair 2018

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Community Fair 2018

On Wednesday 5th September, Year 9 students at Chevalier College hosted the annual Community Fair. A highlight of the Chev calendar since the 1990s, the multicultural themed Community Fair presented a wonderful variety of flavours and culture from every corner of the world. 

Creating this vibrant, colourful food festival encourages the students to work collaboratively for a charitable cause. Themes of ecology, social responsibility, cultural empathy, multicultural appreciation, Christian ecology and environmental ethics are studied in Religious Education classes as part of this program.

There were 16 multicultural stalls this year at the fair selling a wide variety of cuisines from the many different countries.  “Year 9s are to be congratulated” said Jane Lowe, Leader of Learning for Religious Education at Chev, “the fair was a great success and raised $12,789.25!”.

“Year 9s are to be congratulated –
the fair was a great success and

raised $12,789.25!”.

The Australian Missions team

The Australian Missions team

All proceeds go towards the MSC Mission fund in support of our sister school in Kiribati, as well as a range of other needy causes, including the current drought.

The MSC Australian Mission stall ran a very successful silent auction and raffle with an impressive range of gifts, kindly donated by businesses in our local and wider community.

Jane also explained that “over the last three years we have been focusing on how to reduce the waste created at the fair in the most environmentally friendly way possible. This focus is in keeping with the Year 9 study on Catholic environmentalism.”

Recyclers pitched in to help the environment by separating the waste streams from the fair.

Recyclers pitched in to help the environment by separating the waste streams from the fair.

These efforts were stepped up a notch this year with a team of Year 11 students and the Chevalier College Sustainability Group pitching in to separate the waste from the fair into recycling, compostable (green waste) and landfill rubbish. A range of plant-based compostable catering items were purchased for this event – bowls, cups, sporks and bin liners which break down within 90 days in a commercial facility.

Thanks go to the numerous people involved who made this year’s fair such a success – the Year 9 students who collaborated, organised and ran these small businesses; the community for their sponsorship support; our college parents for their support; the Year 9 teachers, Home Room Coordinators and Year Advisors; the maintenance team, the sustainability group and Year 11 recycling teams; and college leadership.

We thank the following sponsors for their generous support of the 2018 Community Fair…

Allumer Cafe, Bowral
Andrew Cullen, Penshurst
B Tempted Hair & Beauty, Mittagong
Baug Pty Ltd (Bowral Aerial & Underground Connections)
Bing Lee, Bowral
Bowral Sweets & Treats
Calmbirth, Mittagong
Glam Fragrance & Beauty, Bowral
Grayco Foods, Mittagong
Gypsy Road, Bowral
Heatherbrae’s Pies, Sutton Forest
Highlands First Aid, Moss Vale
Highlands Golf Club, Mittagong
Highlands Meats, Mittagong
Highlands Merchant, Moss Vale
Highlands Mortgage Broker, Mittagong
Highlands Sushi, Bowral
Highlands Tenpin Bowling, Mittagong
Hippy Luxe, Picton
Hong Kong Restaurant, Moss Vale
Iris Skin & Beauty, Moss Vale
Jonathon Hill Plumbing, Burradoo
Kangaroo Valley General Store
Khans Supa IGA, Bargo
Kish, Bowral
Moss Vale Aquatic Centre
Moss Vale Community Pharmacy
Mossy Store, Moss Vale
Nest & Burrow, Moss Vale
NewsXpress, Mittagong
Not Just Tax, Bowral
Officeworks, Mittagong
Pack & Send Southern Highlands, Mittagong
Picton Produce Market
Priceline Pharmacy, Mittagong
Quarryman Surf, Picton
Siva Beauty and Hair – Body and Soul, Mittagong
Southern Highlands Private Hospital, Bowral
Southern Highlands Water Plus, Mittagong
Southern Highlands Winery, Sutton Forest
Sportspower, Picton
Supercheap Auto, Mittagong
The Elephant Emporium, Picton
Woolworths, Mittagong

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