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Chevalier College HSC Results

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Chevalier College HSC Results

Chevalier College congratulates the Class of 2017 on their outstanding performances in the Higher School Certificate and the extraordinary number of high ATARs achieved by these wonderful young graduates of our College. At publication, we are aware of more than fifteen students who scored an ATAR of more than 90, including four students who achieved an ATAR greater than 95.

2018 Chevalier College Dux

Chevalier College Dux for 2017 - Nicholas Bermingham

Chevalier College Dux for 2017 – Nicholas Bermingham

Nicholas Bermingham has been recognised as the Chevalier College Dux for 2017. Nicholas completed some of his Mathematics courses in 2016 as a Year 11 student and, in his second HSC, not only achieved an ATAR of 98.65, but performed in the top band in English (Advanced), Mathematics Extension 2, and Studies of Religion II.

His achievement was matched by those of Victoria James and Yolanda Caceres, who both achieved ATARs over 97 and multiple Band 6 scores. Like so many of our students, our high achieving students have been remarkable for their involvement in the wider life of the College, in sport, debating and public speaking, creative and performing arts, and in the heart-centred servant leadership so many of our senior students undertake.

Distinguished Achievers
Nicholas Bermingham, Paige Bourke, Imogen Boyd, Yolanda Caceres, Sharne Cussen, Lucy Gabor, Aidan Gardiner, William Humphreys, Victoria James, Annissa Jason, Oliver Lowe, Olivia Mairinger, Benjamin Malone, Laura McIntyre, Declan O’Byrne-Inglis, Harley Paull, Thea Stack, Matthew Stevens, Lily Stirling, Tahlia Suares, Laura Veness, Emily Wall, Connor Walsh, Victoria Weber

Chevalier is proud of its academic reputation and, as one of only two Catholic high schools between Narellan and Goulburn, we welcome students of all interests and aptitudes who want to be part of our community. We also recognise the achievements of the many students who chose to complete one or more vocational education HSC courses through the College’s Trades Skills Centre and Hospitality Facility. Of the numerous students who undertook studies in Hospitality (both Kitchen Operation and Food and Beverage), Construction and Primary Industries, a standout was Matthew Stevens – Band 6 in Primary Industries.

Australian Tertiary Entrance Ranks
While we are not provided with ATARs by the University Admissions Centre, we have received information from a large number of our students and it would appear that at least 25, and possibly as many as 30, students have received ATARs over 80.

Personal Achievements
Not every student will achieve the top ATAR or the top exam result. What brings great joy to the Chevalier community is seeing that our Year 12 students have done their personal best in their studies, developed their own abilities further and grown as extraordinary young people. Many of the joys we are experiencing today come from celebrating with students who have improved or exceeded their own expectations, and now can be confident that they have laid down the future that they have worked towards throughout their HSC studies.

Many of our wonderful young people gathered at Chev for a celebratory morning tea on Friday 15 December and we thank them for all they have been to our College community. We look forward to welcoming them back to the College for our High Achievers celebration and morning tea on Monday 5 February 2018; and we send them out into the world in the spirit of Father Chevalier, so that they can truly ‘be on earth the heart of God’.

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Congratulations to all our students, their families who have provided them with so much support, and the teachers and support staff who have worked with them over their six years at Chevalier College.

Barbara Santos
Acting Principal
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