Chev students teach elders Facebook app

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Chev students teach elders Facebook app

On Tuesday May 23rd, six Year 12 students from Chevalier College presented a Facebook workshop to members of the Southern Highlands Computer Users Group at Harbison Care in Burradoo.

An in-depth presentation explaining the fundamental features and uses of Facebook was specially prepared for the SHCUG by student Sarah Samsa who facilitated the workshop, along with Erin McGuinness, Lucy Stein, Victoria James, Olivia Norton, Yolanda Caceres and their teacher Leah Robertson.

“The class was enthusiastic and eager to learn more about the app” said Olivia, “and the girls were there to answer any specific queries or questions the group had, which were mostly related to privacy and access.” “We aimed to assist the group and show them how they could communicate more with their families and friends through the social network site” said Yolanda, “as many features of the app can be mysterious and difficult for new users to understand”.

In a note of thanks from the SHCUG, Maxine Gray wrote, “It was my pleasure to communicate with Leah Robertson during last term and early this term, and the team must have spent many hours of their time to give us such a clear, concise, humorous and informative presentation. The girls were so positive, helped many of the members (about 26 attended), and left them feeling confident they could cope with this media. They were able to speak to their ‘elders’ in a language we could understand and it showed their patience and tolerance with the many questions they were asked.”

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The SHCUG President, Rodney Andrews, also expressed his thanks to the students and to Chevalier College for offering this opportunity for engagement with older people in our community.  Read the full letter here…

The girls were pleased to receive such positive feedback from the group, as Olivia noted, “prior to the demonstration, many of the people in the group had never used Facebook, and after our session together they were confidently using their accounts and adding friends.” “We all enjoyed the experience” she said, “and, although the workshop was only short, it was incredibly rewarding and satisfying to teach the group.”

The students wished to thank the Southern Highlands Computer Users Group for “making us feel welcome and greeting us with such a warm reception” and also Miss Robertson, for organising the event.


From a report by
Olivia Norton and Yolanda Caceres (Year 12)


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