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Head Lice Alert

The College has been notified of some confirmed cases of head lice in our student community and we wish to remind our parents/caregivers that the weekend would be a good time to check your children and treat them if necessary.


A proactive approach by Chevalier College

Starting high school is a major step in a child’s life. But Chevalier College has introduced a program to help make that transition a bit easier. Developed by Beyondblue, SenseAbility will be rolled out to all Year 7 students.

SenseAbility for Year 7s



Extreme weather conditions – in case of a bush fire threat

We have been advised that the weather for the coming days could potentially be quite extreme, and the bush fire potential will likely be at the extreme level. The college has a bush fire management plan for our site and


Additional School Zone Flashing Lights

The NSW Government is installing an additional 400 sets of school zone flashing lights at schools across NSW with multiple busy entrances to further protect children travelling to and from school. Chevalier College students will soon be protected by an


Safe partying for teens and young adults

As the school year draws to a close and the festive season approaches it seems there is always another party around the corner. Some of our senior students who have completed their HSC will be navigating through a series of


ROAD SAFETY – Spring School Holidays

A reminder to all our parents ahead of the break at the end of Term 3 that school zones remain in place for the safety of our children and families. School zones operate on all NSW gazetted public school days,


IMPORTANT MESSAGE – Charlotte Street Entrance

The main entrance to the College via Charlotte Street is not to be used for drop-off or pick-up during the morning and afternoon peak periods. Vehicles are presenting a serious hazard for students.

From Monday 8 August 2016, vehicles arriving …


Chevalier College mourns the passing of Christopher Topp

On Thursday 22 June 2016, a favoured son of Chevalier College passed away peacefully after a year-long battle with cancer.

Chris Topp commenced teaching at Chevalier College on 31 January 1976. An extremely capable and inspiring teacher, Chris did not …


Chev Canteen News – Seasonal Menu Update

The Chevalier Canteen provides a healthy balance of food and beverages for students and staff. With the onset of cooler weather in Term 2 hot meal options will be popular. Be sure to check the Daily Notices for weekly specials



As we welcome students and parents back to school for Term 2, this is a friendly reminder to please observe the NO RIGHT TURN signs at Exit/Entrance A onto Moss Vale Road and Exit/Entrance B onto Eridge Park Road.


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