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New Australian maths institute hopes to attract world’s best brains

A growing number of jobs rely on mathematics, yet the percentage of students studying advanced maths at school has dropped, and often Australia’s brightest graduates head overseas. A new institute is hoping to change that. 



UOW Learning Labs @ Liverpool

The popular UOW Learning Labs enrichment program is being offered for the first time at the UOW Liverpool campus during the October school holidays.

Learning Labs workshops cover a range of diverse and innovative disciplines designed to challenge and stimulate …


Cycling in Virtual Reality

Sports Engineer Jonathan Shepherd (Chevalier Class of 2009) works at the cutting edge of his chosen field and in this episode of Scope, the popular science TV show for kids, he takes a look at how virtual reality is changing


Scoping out the latest in sports science

Sports Scientist Jono Shepherd (Chevalier Class of 2009) is doing some AMAZING work in his chosen field and recently appeared in an episode of the popular science TV show for kids, Scope.


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