Cana Communities Celebrate 40 Years

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Cana Communities Celebrate 40 Years

Since 2007, as part of our program to raise awareness and encourage student involvement with social justice issues, Year 9 students have undertaken Walkathons to raise money for Cana Communities in Sydney.

Each year, a few weeks before the Walkathon, a number of people from Cana make the trip from Sydney down to the Southern Highlands to speak with our students about issues to do with homelessness and about the way in which Cana Communities work with people.

The inspiration for Cana’s work comes from the gospels and the living example of Jesus…

“In companionship with Jesus and inspired by His Gospel, we recognise the unique and mysterious value and beauty of each person.”   (Cana Constitutions).

To quote from their website:

Our focus is on people who are most in need, who are suffering from loneliness, mental illness, addictions, homelessness and other factors which alienate them within society. Those with the fewest options and who are most alienated are our special care.

This year, Cana Communities is celebrating its 40th birthday. Having begun as De Porres House in 1975 it has continued under the name Cana Communities Inc since 1995. Working in inner Sydney, the organisation has set up overnight shelters and homes. Cana has also recently partnered in a western Sydney farm project.  The organisation is mostly run by volunteers and is solely reliant on donations from the community. Cana Communities receives no government funding, so is grateful for your support.

As part of its 40th Celebrations, Cana Communities have published a book of memories that ‘tells the story’ of Cana. One of those stories was written by Mary Willcox who, in 2012, came down to Chev to speak with our students.  Click to read ‘A Day with Patty’…  (Extract reproduced with written permission from Cana Communities Inc.)

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Social Science Teacher
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