Back to Chev Weekend

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Back to Chev Weekend

Hundreds of past Chevalier College students converged on the Southern Highlands for the annual Back to Chev Weekend.

Chev past students gathered from far and wide for this great chance to reminisce and catch up with old school friends. Accommodation, cafes, hotels and restaurants across the Highlands were kept busy hosting parties of old boys and alumnae from the college that has educated more than 12,000 students since opening its doors in 1946.

The weekend teed off on Friday 2 November with the ever popular Ambrose golf competition held at Craigieburn, and the highlight of the weekend was undoubtedly the Reunion Dinner on Saturday evening, with some 250 guests in attendance.  College tours showed visitors around the old as well as new and emerging facilities at the college on Saturday morning and the weekend wound up with the celebration of Mass and a morning tea on Sunday.

Chevalier Community Liaison and Development Manager Paul McShane said “we look forward to this time every year to welcome back old friends for fun and fellowship”.

Principal Chris McDermott said “all students, past and present, are thought of as Chev kids, no matter how many years pass by.”

The Back to Chev Weekend is a celebration of the enduring culture of family that was established in 1946 and a testament to the many thousands of students and dedicated staff who have created a wonderful tradition, history and sense of community at the college.

Today’s Chev is a Sacred Heart community that aims to develop and nurture each student on their journey to becoming well-rounded young adults who are confident, compassionate, and poised to take their place in an ever-changing world.  It is a community where everyone is welcome and valued and one in which lifelong friendships and memories are made.

Photos from Back to Chev coming soon!

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