2018 HSC Results

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2018 HSC Results

Chevalier College is, once again, impressed by and pleased for our graduating Class of 2018.

As a truly comprehensive school, we take great pleasure from the success of our students across the academic program (ATAR focused), the vocational program, and those who combine both facets.

This year the college saw twenty-three students listed on the Distinguished Achievers’ list, with many of these students achieving Band 6 results in more than one course.  In addition, Charlotte Sheridan was named on the All Rounder list – one of only 1,400 (approx.) students in the state out of some 56,000 HSC candidates to achieve Band 6 or equivalent results in all courses studied. Charlotte has also been named as Chevalier College Dux for 2018.

We were advised that sixty-two of our students gained early entry offers to one or more courses from the University of Wollongong.

For the HSC showcase exhibitions and performances, two Chev students were nominated for ‘Shape’ – the Design and Technology projects.
Three students were nominated for ‘Callback’ for their dance pieces; and one student was nominated for ‘OnStage’ for their drama piece.

Whilst the college can access HSC results, the only way ATAR results can be obtained is if students advise us directly.  At the time of publishing this information we know that a large number of students from our college received ATARS above 80, with twelve of those above 90.

These figures may rise as further contact is made with our students.

Congratulations Class of 2018!

It was great to see a number of our HSC graduates back at Chev for a morning tea held in their honour on Friday 14 December.

It was great to see a number of our HSC graduates back at Chev for a morning tea held in their honour on Friday 14 December.

We enjoyed catching up with some of our HSC students when they attended a morning tea held at the college on Friday 14 December, on the release of the ATAR rankings.

The HSC results reflect our students’ hard work and commitment to their studies, along with the support of their teachers and families. Our students’ achievements also represent the diversity of their areas of study which include outstanding results in vocational education courses and the creative arts.

In summary:

  • Charlotte Sheridan on NSW All-Rounders list and also Chevalier College Dux for 2018.
  • Twenty-three students on NSW Distinguished Achievers list.
  • More than 50% of students in Ancient History, Design and Technology, Drama, Advanced English, Modern History, Society and Culture, Textiles and Design, Legal Studies and Visual Arts achieved a Band 5 or 6.
  • Six VET students received Certificates of Excellence.
  • Three VET students from Chev were named Southern Highlands VET Student of the YearBreanna Smith (Primary Industries), Cody Crowe Pace (Hospitality – Kitchen Operations), and Harriet Poulter (Hospitality – Food and Beverage).
  • For the 2018 HSC Showcase:  Rose Conway, Jaspar Mevissen nominated for ‘Shape’; Hannah Rewais nominated for ‘OnStage’; and Jack Higgins, Isabelle Meyers and Laura Sparkes nominated for ‘Callback’.

We feel sure that the Class of 2018 will successfully take their place in the world as confident, compassionate and well-rounded Chev graduates and we wish them all the very best with their next chapter.


Chris McDermott
Chevalier College

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